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4 - 6  Years Old

Welcome to our Little Dragons Program where our little “BIG KIDS” learn to master their
movements, their ability to follow directions and the fundamentals of balance, agility, power, and
of course punching and kicking! This is where their path to black belt begins!
These interactive, high energy classes are taught by our higher ranking, kid loving, and patient
instructors who keep the classes packed with jumping, punching, kicking, tumbling, and
coordination challenges.
Little Dragons earn white belts with colored stripes while learning:
the basics of Japanese commands,
• How to move athletically,
• How to think strategically,
• How to be patient with themselves and others all while having so much fun!
Watch your child begin to recite complex commands in Japanese while earning stripes and
demonstrating coordination and control. This is where learning happens while having a blast!
If you have a sweet little ninja busting at the seams of your house with energy to spare… these
fun classes are perfect for challenging them in a fun environment with other cute and crazy
dragons while imparting the importance of self control and self discipline as well.
It is the perfect balance of the ancient ways with the modern times!

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