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4 - 6  Years Old

Karate Kid Kicking


7 - 12 Years Old

Welcome to our Kids Program where fun and discipline intersect! Juniors begin their experience earning solid colored belts while connecting with their class in a fun and challenging way. Juniors are divided into two groups: the kohai classes for beginners and the Senpai classes for our higher ranked students. Juniors learn traditional ceremonies and traditions as well as the basic commands in Japanese.
They also learn the art of punching and kicking and moving strategically, how to think ahead one or two moves- learning to anticipate and be prepared by understanding cause and effect. They begin to learn how to honor one another by working as teams in drills and doing pad-work and bag-work. This is an important concept of uke and torre - a fundamental concept of honoring one another to train respectfully. Along with learning parts of the language, the history, and the ettiequte, Juniors learn strong techniques, kata, and kumite. They are challenged to increase their coordination, balance, agility, strength, power, speed, and technical form in fun, unique and exciting ways! Rank is rewarded based on their personal accomplishments - not compared to others in their class. This is a personal journey that we get to take collectively! This is an excellent program for our elementary aged student who needs a break from the screens and would like to grow in their athletic ability, strategic anticipation, and self control/self discipline. The satisfaction of a job well done is the most amazing affirmation possible and best learned young!

Karate Students Practicing Knife Defense


Our TEENS are welcomed to train in our TEEN/ADULT Program. (Please See the ADULT tab for more information on these dynamic classes.) The teen mind benefits from being treated with honor and respect. At CMAC, they are treated as adults, but also expected to behave responsibly as an honored member of our community. We find that TEENS in our programs rise to the expectation and thrive as valued members of the team. We are constantly humbled and impressed with the abilities of our teens who train with purpose and passion no matter their rank. Teens learn that their voice matters. We do want to see and hear from them! We encourage their involvement in all aspects of our dojo - of course within the constrains of etiquette and courtesy. Most teens thrive within such perimeters and we are honored to train with them as brothers and sisters. But at CMAC, TEENS are given additional opportunities to serve and lead. There are many ways for TEENS to get involved and stand apart from others by their conduct and focus: We have an amazing and dynamic Competition Team and LEAD Program where teens are taught how to serve, manage, lead, and teach. In this amazing format, they learn how to step out of their comfort zones, how to face fears and rise above difficulty with grace and humility and authority. They can assist in our Junior and Little Dragon Programs, they can join the photography team, table team, coaching team, kumite and kata teams, and eventually the referee and judging teams. The opportunities to LEAD and learn to be dynamic servant leaders are innumerable. Let your teen’s path to black belt - and black belt spirit - begin at CMAC - where leaders are encouraged and equipped!

Adult Performing Karate Kata


Our Adult Program is a thriving and constantly growing group! This class is an amazing workout, constantly rolling all aspects of modern concepts of fitness, strength, flexibility, and mindset strategy into the training of ancient techniques and etiquette all the while having fun and building a dynamic community. We are constantly challenging our minds with new information while challenging our bodies to grow neuromuscular coordination, balance, and skill. We are never satisfied or afraid! We are ever building technical knowledge and understand in a cyclical fashion - revisiting concepts with fresh perspectives. We work in lines, on bags, with pads and partners utilizing drills and concepts. We learn the sport of Karate as well as real life self defense applications. We learn how to fall, how to move, and how to think while have a blast as a team! Our Adult Classes are divided into two groups: the general workout class for all ranks and an additional advanced class available upon invitation for upper ranked students. Come check us out! We welcome other traditional styles and have many cross training karate-ka from our cousin traditions. We welcome you to join us and train!

Karate Sparring

Competition Team

Welcome to the CMAC Competition Team - where our competitive spirit is ALIVE and STRONG!
CMAC loves the competitive spirit where we can hone our mindset and our emotions while
facing fears and challenges. We are in the business of overcoming our own limitations through
encouragement and camaraderie! Our team is comprised of serious martial artists who compete locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Competitors can choose to compete in all: kata, kumite, weapons, team kata, or specialize in just one of the above events.
Training begins by challenging our stamina, strength, flexibility, and endurance. Using the
philosophies of HIIT- we are constantly challenging our bodies to become stronger, more
dynamic and efficient in energy utilization while refining our karate technical skills. Under the supervision of our instructors, we are pushing ourselves to new strength and pressing into our flexibility goals. We are individuals reaching new goals as a team- not comparing ourselves to one another but to our previous selves. Learning how to grow while being patient with where we are. We see Competition Training as a metaphor for life and we look at our moment-by-moment training with honestly and with the eye on the future goals.


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